All data in Gyxi is encrypted at rest and in transport.

The data can be accessed only by using one of the ApiKeys associated with the database. The ApiKey is defined by the customer and can thus fulfil any requirements you may have of it. We recommend using a guid.

Gyxi supports two simultaneous ApiKeys and this is to support rotation. Simply update the backup key, switch to this in the applications and then reset the first key. This provides for no-downtime recycling of keys.

Gyxi is hosted in Microsoft Azure and fulfils all requirements for technical and physical parameters needed for audit statements. Please refer to Microsofts documentation.

If required by audit

It is possible to get an isolated region for your data. This means that a node of Gyxi is created just for you.

There are no practical advantages to this. It is not faster or slower. It is not more secure. There are no extra technical possibilities.

However, it may be a requirement from your audit to isolate your data, in which case we provide this option.

Please note that if you want to use multiple regions, then you will have to rent multiple Gyxi nodes in this case.