How simple can a scalable NoSQL Database As A Service be? The answer is Gyxi. It could not be any simpler. With just a few endpoints, you can start saving and retrieving data. It could not be easier.

The most complicated part about Gyxi is the views. The views are what allows you to efficiently access your data in a way that is scalable and performs great under pressure.

Could Gyxi be simpler? Why not replace the views with queries?

We could and it would work, but then it wouldn’t be scalable. Performance would degrade with the volume of data. This is the case for any other database, including relational databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases like Cosmos DB. They provide index-free (or transparent) query options and they are seemingly very fast, but as they grow they become slower.

Gyxi is different. Gyxi is Always Fast™. It is fast when you add the first row and it is still fast when you work with a billion rows. It doesn’t slow down, regardless of the amount of data you are working with.

Considering this, Gyxi could not be any simpler. However, we continuously try to improve the UX of the view configuration. Please contact us at if you have suggestions on how to make it even easier.