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Simple, fast, powerful, enterprise-ready

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No registration required
1 GB storage for free! Use commercially or for any other purpose.


Quick to learn
Scroll down and click twice and you have 5 ready-to-go samples, that's all you need.


Scales with you
Save and retrieve items in 20 milliseconds with 100% uptime.


Upgrade when you want
The free option is free for life but you might want to upgrade to pro later for support and more features.



Gyxi Free

Free for life. Ideal for educational purposes, hobby projects, websites, semi small applications - no registration required!

  • Save up to 1 GB data
  • Get data ultra fast
  • List and iterate through your data
  • Batch insert many items quickly
  • Low latency - choose a location near you
  • No registration required*

Terms: Full satisfaction or your money back 🙂
* Press the red button below to start now

Gyxi Pro

An amazingly simple and powerful internet database with pro features designed for robustness and performance at an unbeatable price

  • Everything from the free plan
  • Views to look up data even faster
  • Globally distributed
  • 1000 GB space**
  • API key for extra security
  • Unlimited personal tech support
  • SLA 100% uptime***

** Up to 1000 terabyte available upon request
*** Downtime is counted after 10 seconds

Choose the location with the lowest latency from your server.

If in doubt, select an option above to see the endpoints,
then use tracert on your server to check the latency.

Right now only Europe is available, but in the future we will support:
US West, US Central, US East, South Africa, Australia, India,
Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Canada, and Brazil.

Contact us if you want to know when your location becomes available

The database id must be a guid. It is technically possible to start saving data on any another string, but that data is not allowed and will be automatically cleared after a short time.

Yes! Your data is physically stored in that location. North Europe corresponds to Ireland and West Europe is Netherlands.

Your data may in some cases pass through other countries but will never be saved, not even temporarily, and is encrypted during transport.

Upgrade to Gyxi Pro and we will migrate your data from one location to another if needed.

Otherwise you’re welcome to migrate your own data by using list and batch.

Generally: No.

However, on the Free plan we reserve the right to clear unused databases. If you have absolutely no activity on any of your data for at least 2 months, your data may be eligible to be removed.

If you upgrade to Gyxi Pro there are of course no such restrictions.

Yes, Gyxi is really free.

Gyxi is designed to be a useful, fast and free database. Gyxi is not designed to have limitations that will force you to eventually switch to Gyxi Pro.


Gyxi is designed to be a database that is accessed from your backend.


– The database id would be exposed to the users which would effectively give everyone full access to the entire database.

– Gyxi must be fast at all times. Browser access is some times slow and takes up precious resources.


For technical reasons, we cannot avoid that your IP is registered and it is likely that it is possible to trace it back to you.

We only store log data for a short time for diagnostic purposes.

We share log data with authorities when we are required to do so by law.

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Your Database Endpoints

These endpoints are ready to use right now! Just start coding!

1. Save

Saves a single item.

POST or PUT https://save-[region][databaseId]/type/partition/id

Body: JSON content. Example: { “id”: “123”, “name”: “MyItem” }

2. Get

Gets a single item. Performance target: 40 ms

GET https://get-[region][databaseId]/type/partition/id

3. List

Gets up to 100 items. 

Returns a continuation token to get the next 100 items

GET https://list-[region][databaseId]/type/partition/id

4. Delete

Delete a single item. 

DELETE https://delete-[region][databaseId]/type/partition/id

Returns 404 if the item did not exist

5. Batch

Saves up to 100 items at one time. Great for data migration.

POST https://batch-[region][databaseId]/type/partition/id

The request body is a Dictionary with id as key and the item as value. The json looks like this.

  "3": {  "id": 3, "name": "something" }, 
  "4": { "id": 4, "name": "something else" }

6. Config

Pro features available here via API

The endpoints are also documented here


This is your unique database id and secret key. Anyone who has this id has full access to your database.

This is the data type and it is recommended to make sure that items of a certain type have more or less the same properties.

All items must belong to a partition. This can be the customer name, a foreign key or anything else you like. If you have a limited amount of items of a certain type, you may want to put them all in the same partition. You can just put them in a partition named “all”.

This can be any string, including a guid or a number like “123”. This is unique within a partition.