Available Regions

Here is the complete list of available regions:

  • westeurope (Netherlands)
  • northeurope (Ireland)
  • norway
  • germany
  • france
  • uk

And here are some regions that can be used now, but they are in preview, so stability might be less than the primary regions:

  • brazil
  • centralus


Each of these can be used to choose which region you want to work with Gyxi data.

For example, if you wish to save your data in Western Europe, you use these URLs:

  • https://save-westeurope.gyxi.com
  • https://delete-westeurope.gyxi.com
  • https://get-westeurope.gyxi.com
  • https://list-westeurope.gyxi.com
  • https://batch-westeurope.gyxi.com

westeurope in the sample can be replaced by any of the other regions mentioned above.