Use Gyxi in .NET

It is very easy to use Gyxi with .NET (C#). First, add this package:

Instantiate it like this:

var gyxi = new GyxiClient(Region.Germany, "dfca164c-b19d-4abd-a5a7-4eabdfb8b123");

And use it like this:

gyxi.Save("mytype", "all", myObj); 

That’s it!

Static Wrapper

If you want to make it easier to use in a pragmatic way and without dependency injection, you can wrap it in a static class like this:

using GyxiService;

namespace YourNameSpace
public static class Gyxi
static Gyxi()
var databaseId = "e955fcd5-4e7a-4245-87a9-207a129edee0";
Client = new GyxiClient(Region.Germany, databaseId);

public static GyxiClient Client { get; private set; }

The bold parts should probably be changed by you.

Then you use it like this:

var list = await Gyxi.Client.List("file", "some-partition");

Note that no matter how you instantiate the GyxiClient, it will internally use a single HttpClient.