Frequency of Throttling

It is necessary for any popular online system to employ some form of throttling. It may not be used much, but the alternative is often downtime so throttling is a symptom of a robust system.

Gyxi is no exception.

Let’s look at the “List” endpoint. Here is a random sample of some calls. Notice the response time.

We have a simple rule for throttling for the List endpoint. If the call would take longer than 5 seconds to complete, then we abandon it and let the caller retry.

There is a long way up from 30ms to 5 seconds, but it happens.

Out of a random sample of the latest 100,000 calls to the List endpoint, the amount of throttled calls were 5. That is 0.005% of calls that are being throttled.

For the simple “Get” endpoint, the number is even lower.

So throttling is exceedingly rare and if you ever experience it at all, it might be so rare that the user will just reload or click again and then it works.

But for extra robustness, check for 503 responses and retry.