Brazil Region is now in Preview

The Brazil region is now in preview.

During the preview, any data saved in Brazil will be persistent and permanently saved in the same way as any data in any other region.

Here are the permanent URLs for the Brazil region:


Find samples for other regions here and simply replace the region with “brazil”

Cold Starts

However, while Brazil is in preview, there might be some delays when the region has not been in use for a while. The delay should be less than 10 seconds and will just happen once for each operation.

Let’s say you want to delete 10 items, then the first deletion might take 5 seconds and the rest will take 100ms as usual.

Possible Downtime during Transition to General Availability

At a later time, Brazil will be transitioned to General Availability and the same performance as any other region can be expected.

At the time of the transition, it will be announced at least a week before and there will be two DNS changes.

  1. Change Brazil domain to point to WestEurope (data will still be from Brazil)
  2. The API in Brazil is rebuilt and may get a different IP address
  3. DNS is changed back to Brazil

If your DNS and IP address is aggressively cached, then you might encounter some downtime during the transition, which is likely fixed automatically when restarting your application.

The downtime will last as long as you cache the outdated IP address.