Audit Trail

Audit Trail An audit trail on your data is a record of every change made to every row. In Gyxi

When You Change a View

When You Change a View This article describes what happens when you CHANGE an existing view that contains data. However,

Available Regions

Available Regions Gyxi is globally available in every Azure region that supports the advanced features that make Gyxi possible. The

Natural Base Data Structure

Natural Base Data Structure One of the most common difficulties we see in relation to database design in a document


Search Full Text Search is essentially a different product than a database.  For example, Azure Search (or Azure Cognitive Search)

1. Get Started

Get Started Gyxi is easy to learn and easy to master. That is important because a database is such a

Make New Databases

Make New Databases It may seem like a strange product feature to mention, but the ease of creating a new


Secure All data in Gyxi is encrypted at rest and in transport. The data can be accessed only by using

Always Fast

Always Fast™ Gyxi is Always Fast™ That means it is fast in the morning, the evening, in the night. It


Simple How simple can a scalable NoSQL Database As A Service be? The answer is Gyxi. It could not be