API Reference – Save

The Save endpoint saves a single item in Gyxi.

Here is the URL to call the Save endpoint.

PUT https://save-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/[type]/[partition]/[id]

[region] should be one of the available regions.

[databaseId] should be a guid of your choice and this is your database name and also your secret key.

[type] is the type of data you are saving, like a class name or table name.

[partition] is the key where you want to save the data – it could be the contents of a foreign key.

[id] is the id of this specific item.


For example, maybe your company is a European company headquartered in Germany, so you choose to save your data there. Now you want to register an Employee that just started in the London department.

The URL might look like this:

PUT https://save-germany.gyxi.com/5fdf17c4-1a01-40f7-9236-234fefb1c6de/employee/london/37

The contents might look like this:

"Name": "Paul McCartney",
"Department": "London"

Note that there is no “Id” in the content. You can include the Id if you want, but it is not used to identify the data in Gyxi. Only the id from the URL is used.