API Reference Overview

1. Save

Saves a single item.

POST or PUT https://save-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/type/partition/id

Body: JSON content. Example: { “id”: “123”, “name”: “MyItem” }

2. Get

Gets a single item. Performance target: 40 ms

GET https://get-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/type/partition/id

3. List

Gets up to 1000 items.

Returns a continuation token to get the next 1000 items

GET https://list-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/type/partition/id

4. Delete

Delete a single item. 

DELETE https://delete-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/type/partition/id

Returns 404 if the item did not exist

5. Batch

Saves up to 100 items at one time. Great for data migration.

POST https://batch-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/type/partition/id

The request body is a Dictionary with id as key and the item as value. The json looks like this.

  "3": {  "id": 3, "name": "something" }, 
  "4": { "id": 4, "name": "something else" }

6. Config

Pro features available here via API