API Reference – List

The List endpoint gets a list of items from Gyxi.

Here is the URL to call the List endpoint.

GET https://list-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/[type]/[partition]

[region] should be one of the available regions.

[databaseId] should be a guid of your choice and this is your database name and also your secret key.

[type] is the type of data you are saving, like a class name or table name.

[partition] is the key where you want to save the data – it could be the contents of a foreign key.


For example, maybe your company is a European company headquartered in Germany, so you have your data there. Now you want to get all employees from the London department.

The URL might look like this:

GET https://list-germany.gyxi.com/5fdf17c4-1a01-40f7-9236-234fefb1c6de/employee/london

The response might look something like this.

"result": [
"name": "Paul McCartney",
"department": "WestEurope"
"name": "Boris Johnson",
"department": "WestEurope"
"nextPageToken": null

The endpoint will return up to 1000 results in a single call. If there are any more results, the nextPageToken will contain a string that needs to be passed to the API to get the next list of items.

The next call might look like this:

GET https://list-germany.gyxi.com/5fdf17c4-1a01-40f7-9236-234fefb1c6de/employee/london/123abcdefxyz

Where 123abcdefxyz is the content of the nextPageToken in this case. The real nextPageToken is somewhat longer.

This call will get the next 1000 items and if there are still more items, then a new nextPageToken will be returned.