API Reference – Get

The Get endpoint get a single item from Gyxi very fast.

Here is the URL to call the Get endpoint.

PUT https://get-[region].gyxi.com/[databaseId]/[type]/[partition]/[id]

[region] should be one of the available regions.

[databaseId] should be a guid of your choice and this is your database name and also your secret key.

[type] is the type of data you are saving, like a class name or table name.

[partition] is the key where you want to save the data – it could be the contents of a foreign key.

[id] is the id of this specific item.


For example, maybe your company is a European company headquartered in Germany, so you have your data there. Now you want to get a specific Employee from the London department.

The URL might look like this:

GET https://get-germany.gyxi.com/5fdf17c4-1a01-40f7-9236-234fefb1c6de/employee/london/37

The response might look something like this.

"Name": "Paul McCartney",
"Department": "London"