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Cheep Ass


All the basics, for free. You got to love it 48 days data retention Start Cheep Ass


  • Availability monitoring, alerting and notification
  • Real-user response time, throughput & breakdown by layer
  • App response time, throughput & breakdown by component
  • Server resource and availability monitoring
  • Access to plugins from our Open Platform
  • Testing Neils
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The Donor


If you want a little more out of your data 90 day data retention Start The Donor


  • JVM Performance analyzer
  • Database call response time & throughput
  • Performance data API access
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The Full Monthly


You just get it all Unlimited data retention Start The Full Monthly


  • Code level diagnostics, Transaction tracing and Stack trace details
  • Real-User breakdown by web page, browser and geography
  • Slow SQL and SQL performance details
  • Track individual key transactions
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